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Our goal is to simplify the complicated IT world. We do so by reducing the amount of DevOps and IT infrastructure resources required to develop, deploy and manage any applications. That's why we provide powerful and effortless platform that runs on-premise, in the cloud and in hybrid mode.
Our idea came from working with native processes directly in the operating system. This minimizes additional layers of abstraction. As a result, Onteon supports working both with or without containers, offers the user true control, low hardware consumption and high performance for communication among applications.

There are many usage for Onteon, below are two dedicated solutions:

Move cloud native




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Onteon IoT brings cloud native application capabilities to IoT/edge devices, lowering resource usage, delivering unparalleled performance and providing unique business continuity for whole software stack.

Make an  Evolution

not a



application infrastructure

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Onteon Renovator allows you to transform the old and cumbersome applications into the modern and managable ones, minimizing risk on the way from monoliths to microservices. At the end Onteon provides whole new deployment and runtime environment not only for modernized, but also cloud native applications.

Why Onteon?

The closest alternative to Onteon is Kubernetes. However we do several things differently. For example as Kubernetes we do support containerized applications but we also do support non-containerized ones.  We call them native microservices and applications. Moreover we have built-in communication layer with service mesh. It's just simpler to build, deploy and manager applications with Onteon.
We do also offer customization to our software based on project needs. As we own the IP of Onteon and built it from scratch, there is really a lot we can do for the most demanding projects.
People ask us, what is our competition. We are focusing on how to solve customer challenges, not to be better than other products. However in terms of capabilities we could say the closest software is Kubernetes. It is a simplification as we also support non-containerized, native workloads, which reduces resource usage and increase performance. Also we have built-in communication layer, programming API for developers and runtime for applications. It's powerful software stack. People say it's much simpler to work with Onteon.
Recently we run performance tests which showed:


shorter response time


less CPU usage


more requests served

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