The only microservices
that just work

with any kind of app. Effortlessly.
Save time & budget
Save time

Up to 90% faster implementation.

Squeeze months into days and save a huge chunk of budget, thanks to the innovative architecture. Savings with no effort.

Save the planet
Save planet

Up to 60% smaller carbon footprint

Compared to other available solutions, thanks to innovative technology embedded into the core of system. We have it in our DNA, so no additional investments needed.

Better use of talents
Use talents

Up to 40% faster deployment time

Than competitive solutions available on the market, so you can focus on what really matters for your business. Results with no fuss.

How all that is possible?

Radical savings of time, money and energy comes from sophisticated simplicity. Designed from scratch.

What customers are saying?

"Onteon is incomparable when comes to easiness and high availability, which proved successful in implementing our solutions in banks in Poland, Switzerland, Philippines and China."

Mirosław Andziak, CEO, InfiniteDATA Sp z o.o.

"Stable and universal platform that is effortless in deployment."

Adrian Korczyński, Comarch S.A.

"Onteon has radically speeded up implementation of the microservice platform, giving us expected level of reliability and low cost of maintenance."

Tomasz Fryc, CTO Alior Bank