How companies reduce their carbon footprint

10 maja, 2021


Choosing the right microservices platform can reduce the detrimental impact of any organisation to a minimum. Below you will learn how to do this easily and quickly - with a single piece of software.

Did you know that servers can generate the same carbon footprint as the aviation industry? This is almost 2% of global CO2 emissions. There are already concrete solutions that are able to reduce the carbon footprint by almost 30%. Without much effort, quickly and effectively. In this article, we take a closer look at the microservices platform that makes all this possible. Meet Onteon.

Carbon footprint and microservice platforms

Let's start at the beginning - how does the technology industry generate a carbon footprint?

Well, the carbon footprint is the sum of greenhouse gas emissions, including CO2, from the generation of electricity consumed by servers. Every improvement that leads to a reduction in electricity consumption is worth its weight in gold.

Microservices platforms mainly use cloud technologies i.e. servers that are usually located in a different location from the company. They rent a server running non-stop, which is ready for a much higher load than the company is able to generate. Faced with this fact, we lose electricity to servers running in idle mode. And the carbon footprint of our server infrastructure remains unchanged. To get around the state of affairs presented, two types of solutions come to mind.

Optimise server usage

This is exactly what the Onteon microservices platform offers us - a self-contained unit responsible for both development and operation. It works mainly to save money. It has been designed in a lightweight way, without unnecessary software layers, thus reducing the server load by up to 30%.

This kind of economy allows us not only to waste fewer resources but also to function independently. We do not need external programmes to run, communicate or monitor. We get everything in one, much greener and at a lower cost.

It is currently the best solution if we care about time. It does not require any additional procedures, programmes or solutions - only its intended use. Savings are already inherent in its nature from the very beginning.

Location of data centres

Data centres provide cloud computing. Service providers absolutely vary in their use of energy sources. Some countries or regions derive their energy mainly from renewable sources like wind or water e.g. Norway, Iceland or from nuclear power plants - France. By using providers located in these parts of the world, we are opting for a greener solution for energy generation.

This type of service is offered to us, for example, by Kubernetes - one of the platforms for designing the structure of microservices. It allows you to quickly migrate your tasks to data centres all over the world. This increases the use of green, renewable energy and reduces CO2 emissions.

However, this does not change the fact that Kubernetes is a bulky program. The multitude of its (often unnecessary) functions generates huge amounts of energy, which can simply be reduced thanks to Onteon's services. We don't waste time looking for a solution in changing locations - we get it in the starter package.

Benefits of implementing green solutions

Companies interested in environmental sustainability, especially at the technological level, have a basis for adopting the concept of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Involvement in this topic warms the image of the organisation among potential customers and attracts valuable employees.

However, in addition to building themselves a good reputation, they also gain a big saving of money. Software optimisation equates to less computing power, so resources are used to their full potential. Thanks to that the website loads faster, so the search engine ranks it higher so more customers have the opportunity to come across it.

Going green does not have to involve huge sacrifices on the part of the organisation. It is enough to choose an appropriate background - a microservice platform, which in its nature already contains the golden mean. It is worth focusing on innovation in this area, rather than settling for traditional, cobbled-together structures with a multitude of functions that will never be used.


The microservices architecture gives a lot of room for manoeuvre in terms of improving environmental impact. Introducing green solutions allows us to save more time and money. In addition, it gives us a solid basis for adopting the concept of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), which involves increased activity to improve the organisation's impact on the environment.

Onteon has a direct impact on CO2 reduction compared to other open source technologies. The lightweight software effectively optimises the server, discarding a mass of useless extensions. You don't have to look anywhere else - you get a low carbon footprint already bundled with functionality.


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