Deploy and manage edge applications effortlessly with Onteon Tech and Sunlight.io
Kraków, Poland and Cambridge, UK (February 22, 2023) -- Onteon Tech, vendor of Onteon, easy to use and efficient application management platform, has announced its availability in the Sunlight.io AppLibrary - making it efficient and effortless to deploy, orchestrate, scale, communicate and manage modern applications and legacy applications in edge locations. Onteon is a complete […]
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Do you need containers at the edge?
In the last "IoT Signals Manufacturing Spotlight" report, prepared by IoT Analytics, Microsoft and Intel Corporation, we can read: "IT tools such as containers are making their way onto edge hardware and into factories." Respondents said they are using containers for 26% of applications in on-premises data centers. They expect this to increase to 39% in the next three […]
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Secure your applications with Onteon
According to “Flexera 2022 State of the Cloud Report” more than half of respondents are planning to move at least some sensitive data to the cloud. Do you have your on-premise application to application communication encrypted?  When you have your applications on-premise, you may leave the traffic unencrypted as it’s hidden from public and you […]
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Onteon 1.3 Release
Starting from today new release of Onteon is available on the market! There are additional capabilities in the security, business continuity and extensibility area. Encryption of traffic beetwen applications provides security of customer data in transit, no matter if on-premise or in the cloud. Just turn it on - no complex and time consuming configurations […]
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Onteon for edge computing in manufacturing
This article is an overview on how to use Onteon for edge computing in manufacturing. It references to “Edge Computing in the Context of Open Manufacturing” document, created by Open Manufacturing Platform – IoT Connectivity Working Group. Reference use case in the OMP document distinguish 3 levels – cloud, edge and production asset level. In […]
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Onteon vs Kubernetes comparison
During our conversations and meetings we often get this question “So what is the difference between Onteon and Kubernetes?”. In this article we will try to answer this question.  We chose several categories for a comparison based on the highest number of questions we got from the market. We know it does not exhaust the […]
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Meet our CEO, Piotr Róg
Piotr Róg designed a future proof alternative to Kubernetes, even before it was created! Onteon is a disruptive technology. How did it all start? Do you know the story of Onteon's creator? Piotr Róg wrote his first program on a Commodore C64 computer in 1989 at the age of 11. Today this is nothing revelatory, but […]
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Technology partnership with Onwelo
In today's world, integrator companies building target solutions for customers face very rigorous challenges. Familiarity with multiple tools, and in fact, selecting them appropriately for a project is a key feature that provides a competitive advantage when developing software within set time windows. This is what differentiates companies from each other. Therefore, we are extremely […]
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Can Onteon Disrupt The Distributed Architecture Development Status Quo?
Applications that dynamically scale stand the best chance of success when built using a distributed architecture. For most businesses operating in the digital realm, there’s no question about this. But have we heard the last word on how to build and maintain modern distributed architecture applications? According to the creators of the distributed architecture application […]
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Can Microservices Increase Your Business's Agility? Part 2
This two-part article examines the following question from a business perspective: Can a microservices approach to application development bring greater agility to business? Part 1 looked at the primary motivations for adopting a microservices approach and the value it may generate for a business. In part 2, we consider organizational challenges when transitioning to microservices […]
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How companies reduce their carbon footprint
Did you know that servers can generate the same carbon footprint as the aviation industry? This is almost 2% of global CO2 emissions. There are already concrete solutions that are able to reduce the carbon footprint by almost 30%.
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The Value Of The Microservices Market To 2026
We probably don't need to remind you that microservices is a fast-growing phenomenon, expected to continue expanding over the next few years. We could lightly mention that, within the past decade, "software ate the world, then grew fond of sushi." But perhaps that is not enough for you? Then we invite you to read on.
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Can A Microservices Approach Bring Greater Agility To Business? - Part 1
Part 1 looks at the primary motivations for adopting a microservices approach and the different types of value it can generate. Next, part 2 considers the organizational challenges of adopting microservices, their money-saving potential, and the promise of increased agility.
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Onteon and NetActuate: Effortless Microservices for Everyone
At Onteon, we realise partnerships are vital for bringing efficient microservices, effortlessly, to ever-growing numbers of software teams.
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