Our story

We are knowledge-driven engineers with decades of experience in banking & e-commerce. We understand that microservices are the only reasonable way of deploying massive and complex solutions.

Furthermore, we realized that existing microservices orchestrators were complex and resulted in extremely intricate projects. These projects always required the most highly qualified DevOps staff to complete.

The components used to simplify these intricate systems are no less demanding and only generate successive layers of complication and complexity. In turn, this makes systems more massive, unpredictable, unreliable, and expensive to maintain.

The only way to solve this was to put our extensive knowledge of microservices to use by building a new system, one that included everything needed to deploy dependable, painless, and lightning-fast microservices at a low cost and with no maintenance.
Five years ago, we chose to transform the landscape of microservices solutions. We decided to use best engineering practices to develop a user-friendly, stable, reliable, fast solution - from bare metal.

By 2020 the product was ready, tested, and already appreciated by our customers. It was time to grow.

Today, we're here to help businesses focus on their core competencies instead of wasting time and effort handling complex orchestrators.

At the same time: do you know that if all microservices servers used Onteon, their carbon footprint would automatically reduce by over 60%? It’s definitely worth pursuing!

What do we stand for?


We want technology to be available to everyone; so, we simplify complexity using advanced engineering. Onteon is the result


Designing from scratch, using all our engineering knowledge and experience, means everything you need is implemented at its best


The most effortless microservices platform available today across all aspects: time, team, budget, and carbon footprint reduction.

Meet the team

We are a team of T-shaped data and knowledge-driven experts, focusing on technology and business.
Piotr Rog

Piotr Róg
CEO / Founder / Core Developer

Piotr Helman

Piotr Heilman
Lead Developer

Lukasz Sadalski

Łukasz Sadalski
Head of Commercial Growth & Business Development

Kamil Pawlik
Head of Operations

Dominika Mróz
Head of Marketing

Patryk Borchowiec

Patryk Borchowiec

Remington Tramel
Head of Strategic Accounts, APAC

Anssi Harjunpaa
Head of Business Development, APAC


tel. +48 604 178 300
e-mail: contact@onteon.tech



Plac na Groblach 21/B
31-101 Kraków


Onteon Tech Ltd., 8 The Green, Suite #12144
Dover, DE 19901, USA

registration information

NIP 6751508699
REGON 123224253
KRS: 0000518871
Kapitał zakładowy: 234 800,00 zł
Sąd rejonowy dla Krakowa-Śródmieścia w Krakowie
XI Wydział Gospodarczy KRS

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