Business Benefits

With Onteon, you can build applications. Furthermore, you can also establish the entire environment infrastructure for an application. 

Onteon's application orchestrator and monitoring solutions are comprehensive. What's more, the developer APIs all employ super-efficient communication protocols, and you may use the technologies you already know and use. Onteon runs applications in containers and containerless as well if needed. Our software helps you develop and maintain both modern and legacy applications. With Onteon, transitioning legacy applications to a microservices architecture is quick and easy.


Problem definition


Market changes demand from companies constant transformation of their applications and IT infrastructure - they need to adapt or they dissapear. Global disruptions like sudden and sharp increase of energy costs add more challenges.

Business applications are generators of revenue for most companies. They require from their applications business continuity, quick adaptation to change and lowest possible cost.

Applications are on top of technology stacks. Old technologies can’t meet existing demand. New technology stacks are nowadays very complex. More and more resources are devoted to manage technologies.


  • I couldn’t get rid of technology debt (legacy)

    I have critical applications I need to modernize them and develop. Replacing them is too costly - investment in development from scratch, totally new infrastructure, migration costs, risks of a “big change”. Cloud-native tools are not adequate.

  • I don’t have enough people with adequate skills

    New tools require totally new skills. It’s about knowing “bunch of tools”, not a particular one. It’s new learning curve. I need to invest time and money in people. There is shortage of skilled people on the market. If found, I can’t afford paying them. 

  • I pay more in the cloud and didn’t get advantage

    New tools require totally new skills. It’s about knowing “bunch of tools”, not a particular one. It’s new learning curve. I need to invest time and money in people. There is shortage of skilled people on the market. If found, I can’t afford paying them.

  • Costs of hardware and software in my projects grows disproportionately to expected value delivered to business.

    I need to spend more and more on hardware and software to run new agile architectures that allows me to respond to business requirements. Advantages of new architectures are melted with additional costs.

  • Energy costs are going up

    I pay more for maintenance of existing servers, no matter if on-premise or in the cloud. And I don’t have more budget.

  • I have old hardware in my facilities

    I need to reuse hardware I already have to meet new business requirements, particularly in edge locations. But it has insufficient resources for new applications, I can’t manage it the way business expects.


Onteon is a solution that:

  • Allows to run and modernize existing applications without risk, step by step, providing business continuity, in a simple way, with cost control.
    One tool instead of at least 4 tools. 4 times shorter time to market for on-premise deployments.
  • Is easy to use so you can retrain your existing staff quickly. Allow your team to grow with Onteon, not to replace them.
    Half resources needed comparing to competition.
  • Allows you to run your applications in the cloud with lower resource usage and flexible way to modernize applications while on production.
    Adds encryption without extra cost. Just one command to enable encryption in whole environment.
  • Is lightweight and consumes mimimum resources, providing high performance at the same time (73% lower response time, 69% more requests served)
  • Requires 25% less processor resources to run the same workload, consuming 10% less energy at the same time
  • Allows to reuse old hardware and software to run new applications, thus saving existing investments.
Reduce time
Shorter time to production and time to market
Time is crucial in business, and reducing the gap between ideas and working solutions is a never-ending challenge for most companies. Yet, paradoxically, setting up an optimal environment might take a long time before it delivers any benefit. Onteon can help you cut down on this time so you can begin adding value right away.
Reduce carbon footprint
Consider the future of our planet
Efficient use of computing resources means consuming less energy. Now, carbon footprint reduction is at your fingertips.
Essential toolset
Includes all tools
It doesn't matter if an application is containerized or not, legacy or new. Onteon runs all types of processes.
Support for all apps
Supports all kinds of apps
Onteon is a software stack to orchestrate, scale, communicate and manage modern applications and legacy ones in an efficient and effortless way.
No matter if it is containerized or non-containerized.
Easy to use
End the war with software tools.
Everything needed to create, run and manage an application is included and available from the first installation. Never sweat over tools integration again.
Use computing resources with maximum efficiency.
Peak performance at every level: smaller stack, optional containers, and the integrated fast communication protocols are available to the platform’s users. In addition, the adaptive communication mechanism improves performance even more.
Flexible deployment
On-premise and multicloud
There’s no need for special hardware. Onteon installs the same way on-premise as in the cloud. Hybrid solutions are also supported.
Business continuity
Deploy and upgrade with zero interruptions
The Onteon platform was built with business in mind from the start: zero interruptions during deployments and upgrades, high availability, adding value from day one, and much more.
Effortless upgrade
in-place upgrade including production environment
Say farewell to complicated, disruptive platform upgrade processes. Now you can upgrade in place with no interruption of service.


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