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To run Onteon platform at least two components must be installed: Control Center and Node Manager.

Onteon CLI is not required but useful tool for communicating with platform.

General environment description

Standard installation is done with two pools of instances. It doesn't matter if they are viratual machines or bare metal machines.

One pool is dedicated for Control Center installation. It can have only one or at least 3 instances. The simplest way to route traffic is to create a load balancer which is routing traffic to this pool of instances. Of course when single instance is used load balancer is not needed as machine's IP address can be used to connect to cluster. Load balancer configuration should route traffic to every machine and port number 8050. This way cluster_url is created as it is a base path to access Control Center API.

The second pool is used for running application instances. On each node Node Manager should be running with configured cluster_url to register to Control Center. For external access load balancer can be also created for the pool and should route the traffic to all machines and port number 8020 - default port for Edge Balancer. Inner Balancer is accessed by localhost address and 8021 port by default as it is running on every machine.

Communication between Control Center and Node Manager is done through port 8030 by default. On start Node Managers are registering to Control Center by making request to Cluster URL and proper endpoint.

Onteon installation diagram

It is possible to run more advances configurations (for example without Edge and Inner Balancers). In terms of special requirements contact with Onteon Tech company is encouraged to help with installation.