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SSL - overview


In Onteon a lot of components are comunicating with each other. Also user applications can use communication and balancers. All that connections are grouped into 4 groups: API, Inner Balancer, Edge Balancer, Internal.


This group is reponsible for communication to API running on Control Center instances. Also clients connecting to API are in this group.

Inner Balancer

Inner Balancer is responsible for internal communication with applications. Also applications behave as clients and are taking part in communication.

Edge Balancer

Edge Balancer is responsible for communication with applications from outside of the environment. External clients and are taking part in communication.


This group is used for all communication done by Onteon components. For example communication between Control Center and Node Managers is using it or communication between balancers when request is routed to another machine.


There are 3 options for SSL configuration:

  • It can be turned off (plain communication).
  • It can be configured as one-way SSL.
  • It can be configured as two-way SSL.