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Release notes


  • capability to distribute applications to all nodes in the cluster
  • ability to assign number of cores and CPU percentage, as well as memory size, to application
  • two way SSL authentication between Onteon Node Manager and Onteon Control Center
  • SSL encryption between Onteon Control Center, Onteon Node Manager and CLI
  • HTTPS encryption between all application and microservices
  • automatic SSL certificates management
  • Onteon Node Manager support for Java 11,14,15,16,17,18,19,20 (Open JDK, Oracle SDK, Azul JDK)
  • automatic rollback option for non-disruptive Onteon Node Manager upgrade
  • fixed minor bugs


  • added field with version to node details command
  • fixed uploading very big applications
  • fixed choosing IP address for inter node communication
  • fixed minor bugs


  • fixed minor bugs


  • fixed minor bugs


  • fixed problem with starting fluentd on some machines
  • fixed execute action command
  • fixed log destination of fluentd and metricbeat


  • service mesh available from docker instances
  • observability for environment with predefined Kibana
  • gathering logs from applications to central point
  • integration with 3rd party monitoring capability
  • log4j vulnerability patched by update


  • initial release