Technical Features

Onteon - what is it?

Onteon is a software stack for orchestrating, scaling, communicating and managing modern applications and legacy applications efficiently and effortlessly.

It is a lightweight, powerful and extensible platform that is easy to install, configure and maintain. Provides an integrated set of tools available out of the box: provisioning, orchestration, runtime, load balancers, edge balancers, api gateways, services communication - service mesh, monitoring, log management. 

Onteon works everywhere: on the edge, in the data center, in the cloud. Manages the entire application lifecycle and provides high-performance security and certificate management for communication between applications and the onteon cluster itself.

CLI for cluster and applications management
The command-line interface makes it easy to integrate automation tools, and developers regularly make use of it. In addition, it makes creating or editing CI/CD pipelines simple and fast.
Distributed load balancing
Keep your availability very high and reduce queries to the central load balancer. This way, you can remove a single point of failure from your network mesh and reduce costs. Of course, all balancers are populated with data from the service repository to keep them up to date.
Fast binary communication
Shift inter-service communication to the next level. The built-in binary transfer and protocol designs make them a fast data exchange option with minimum configuration and brilliant ease of use.
Health checking
Continuous supervision of active applications keeps them up and running, creating a more stable environment. Service repository mechanisms also use this, so they are up to date at all times.
HTTP status API for cluster and applications management
Integrate application status checks for external services or custom solutions. An HTTP query is all it takes to check that all is well.
Monitoring/ Observability/Log Tracing
Sonario APM is easy to integrate, which reduces your development time and costs. Monitor your environment from day 1.
Intelligent load balancing
When servers sit near each other, direct communication works well. But improvements in response times are necessary when communication is indirect, with long network journeys. Fortunately, the load balancer algorithm selects the most efficient method for you.
Legacy applications support
Run your legacy applications the same as now. No containers? No problem! Configure your operation commands, then let us automate your work while managing them via the platform. Now, you can use the infrastructure you have been using for years.
Onteon online upgrades
The Microloader handles the process of online component updates. One of the main benefits is that applications don't need to stop during updates.
All components are clustered or protected, to avoid a single point of failure. This means the platform is always safe and available.
Integrate with existing authentication mechanisms like OAuth or OpenID. As a result, improve your security and simplify access management.
Smart scheduling
Let the platform's build-in algorithms choose where your applications sit within the environment. And what if they do not meet your requirements or you need a unique custom solution? Not a problem! Configure your logic using JavaScript code to exercise complete control.
There are no restrictions on development languages. Use a single tool for all the applications your business needs.
RBAC (Role Based Accces Control)
Define roles and permit or disallow particular operations. You can ensure that everyone (including automated tools) has the appropriate environmental rights with granular permissions.
On-premise support
It's no problem to run the platform in your private or hybrid environment. Installation is easy on either bare or virtualized machines.
Service Repository
The platform keeps the environment up-to-date in its entirety. There's no need for an external Service Mesh or register process.
Socket pooling
Use your resources wisely. Connection pools control the number of sockets used and speed up communication as connections are already open - especially for TLS communication.
Native OS processes support
Run any process you can on your OS. All the platform needs is a set of commands for starting and stopping your component. No container required at all.
Containers support
Want to use containers? Go right ahead; the platform supports them. It's also easy to sandbox commands or migrate your applications from your existing stack.
JVM memory resizing with zero downtime
Incorrect memory use estimates for an application can produce bothersome errors. In the case of an OutOfMemory exception, the JVM memory auto-resizing will increase the memory for the application. This keeps your application up and running and buys you the time needed to find a proper remedy.


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