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How companies reduce their carbon footprint
Did you know that servers can generate the same carbon footprint as the aviation industry? This is almost 2% of global CO2 emissions. There are already concrete solutions that are able to reduce the carbon footprint by almost 30%.
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The Value Of The Microservices Market To 2026
We probably don't need to remind you that microservices is a fast-growing phenomenon, expected to continue expanding over the next few years. We could lightly mention that, within the past decade, "software ate the world, then grew fond of sushi." But perhaps that is not enough for you? Then we invite you to read on.
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Can A Microservices Approach Bring Greater Agility To Business? - Part 1
Part 1 looks at the primary motivations for adopting a microservices approach and the different types of value it can generate. Next, part 2 considers the organizational challenges of adopting microservices, their money-saving potential, and the promise of increased agility.
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Onteon and NetActuate: Effortless Microservices for Everyone
At Onteon, we realise partnerships are vital for bringing efficient microservices, effortlessly, to ever-growing numbers of software teams.
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