Which products use Onteon?

Onteon is in the following products widely used across different industries.

Incat system Banking Operating system

The Onteon platform provides quick product implementation, easy API integration, and efficient adaptation of product functionality to customers' changing needs.

Comarch system I AM Draco

Onteon's key value for the product is efficiency, a reliable identity, and one place to manage unlimited systems and users.
Infinite Data

Infinite Data system AutomateNow

Onteon allows users to run continuous automated processes within the infrastructure, even in areas critical to the business. The main benefits are resilient architecture, online upgrades, high reliability, server-less deployment approach.

Advatech system Data Grid

Ensuring ultimate product performance required a no-compromise microservice platform. This is where Onteon's strength shines through, allowing users to access data quickly.


Sonario, the super-fast monitoring system, uses Onteon so it can maintain high performance and stability.
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